Justin M. Bisimwa, Ph.D

Prof. Justin B. Mudekereza fled the Democratic Republic of Congo in 2006 as a result of torture. He was an icon known for his many efforts for social justice, human rights, and development. Coming from a family of forty-four children by his late father, he learned to make peace, share with others, and, most of all, to fight for others whenever they are victims of injustice.

Prof. Mudekereza participated in the creation of the Conseil des Organisations de Femmes Agissant en Synergie – COFAS a women’s rights movement and worked actively with many other organizations of the civil society. The Justin Mudekereza Foundation assists orphans and vulnerable children, widows, and other needy people in the South Kivu province.

Today, after volunteering for over fifteen months, Prof. Mudekereza is the Executive Director of New Neighbor Relief – NNR in San Diego, California. This is a nonprofit organization working to help refugees in their long and difficult journey to start a new life in the United States.