A Word of Warning to the World!: A Transitional Government Without Joseph Kabila Needed in the Democratic Republic of Congo to Avoid Many More Millions of Dead & Refugees

A Word of Warning to The World According to several reports of experts and local and international organizations, armed and political conflicts in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) have caused more than eight million deaths (more deaths than those of the holocaust and genocides already known ); and thrown more than ten million Congolese on the road of displacement and refuge. In power since 2001 (after the death of his father), President Joseph Kabila has completed his two terms and does not want to leave power. He changed the constitution and the laws of the country several times to stay in power. He and his government do not want to organize free and credible elections! Civilians trying to demonstrate peacefully are violently repressed. Many independent organizations and researchers have produced countless reports on the gruesome situations that are taking place in the DRC as a result of political instability. Unfortunately, the international community and the United Nations have remained silent in the face of the long suffering of the Congolese people! Faced with these reports, the most courageous simply stopped condemning the facts without other concrete actions. It seems that the economic interests of each other go before human lives in perpetual danger. After a thorough analysis of the political situation in the DRC, I stopped for a moment to examine the situation in the coming months. I have seen things happen before my eyes as in a horror movie. I felt the smell of blood because, as a survivor of torture, I know her very well. I noticed a very high risk of escalating events towards the end of this year. Many more millions of Congolese should die if nothing is done. As a writer for social justice and human rights, I thought that sending a word of warning to the world about the consequences of the current political situation would go a long way to saving human lives at risk. This book suggests that a transitional government without Joseph Kabila, out-of-mandate president, is needed in the country to avoid many more millions of deaths, displaced people and refugees. This book is therefore not only a warning but also a call for immediate action because tomorrow may be too late!

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Un Mot d'Avertissement au Monde: Un governement de transition sans Joseph Kabila est nécessaire en République Démocratique du Congo pour évite beaucoup d'autres millions de morts et des refugiés.

Un Mot d’Avertissement au Monde…
Selon plusieurs rapports d’experts et d’organisations locales et internationales, les conflits armés et politiques en République Démocratique du Congo (RDC) ont causé plus de huit millions de morts (plus de morts que ceux de l’holocauste et des genocides déjà connus); et jeté plus de dix millions de Congolais sur le chemin du déplacement et du refuge.


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Understanding the Multifaceted Management Problems of Refugee Resettlement in the United States of America

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